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This section details all of the Company Sponsored Research currently available from Sidoti & Company, LLC. Use the search tools on the left to find a specific Company Sponsored Research report.

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Deep Down, Inc. Rating: NR View Reports
Ticker: DPDW Target: $2  
INDTick: DDPDW Exchange: NASDAQ  
Sector: Energy/Industrial Analyst: Sullivan,Tate  
Hexindai Inc Sponsored ADR Rating: NR View Reports
Ticker: HX Target: $20  
INDTick: HHX Exchange: NASDAQ  
Sector: Special Situations Analyst: Hollenden,Brian  
inTEST Corporation Rating: NR View Reports
Ticker: INTT Target: $11  
INDTick: iINTT Exchange: NYSE American  
Sector: Semiconductors Analyst: Roesch,Edgar  
LSB Industries, Inc. Rating: View Reports
Ticker: LXU Target: $  
INDTick: LLXU Exchange: NASDAQ  
Sector: Machinery Analyst: Mondillo,Joseph  
OTC Markets Group Inc. Rating: NR View Reports
Ticker: OTCM Target: $30  
INDTick: OOTCM Exchange: US OTC  
Sector: Special Situations Analyst: McGinnis,Christopher  
OurPet's Company Rating: NR View Reports
Ticker: OPCO Target: $4  
INDTick: OOPCO Exchange: US OTC  
Sector: Specialty Retail Analyst: Lebiedzinski,Anthony C.  
RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. Rating: NR View Reports
Ticker: RICK Target: $38  
INDTick: RRICK Exchange: NASDAQ  
Sector: Consumer Analyst: Camma,Frank  
Sify Technologies Limited Sponsored ADR Rating: NR View Reports
Ticker: SIFY Target: $3  
INDTick: SSIFY Exchange: NASDAQ  
Sector: Telecommunications Analyst: Burns,Gregory  


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