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Sales and marketing

Our full-service approach affords our institutional investor clients with a combination of high-quality research, a small- and micro-cap company focused nationwide sales effort, broad access to corporate management teams and extensive trading support. Our principal services include:

  • Sales and Trading: Our nationally focused sales and trading team comprises highly experienced professionals who have established relationships with many of the leading institutional investors that focus on small-cap and micro-cap companies. Our trading desk, which has been in operation since 2004, employs its extensive experience in assisting institutions with prompt order execution and a competitive commission structure.
  • Access to Corporate Management: Our institutional investor clients benefit from the extensive access to the management teams of companies rated by Sidoti. As an exclusive benefit, we facilitate upward of 700 non-deal management road shows per year for our institutional investor clients. In addition, we regularly coordinate one-on-one meetings between company management personnel and investors. We also organize a fee-based biannual Emerging Growth Convention where microcap companies have the opportunity to present to institutional and high net-worth investors, family controlled investment groups and investment banking professionals.
  • Investment Banking Services:
  • From time to time, we also are included as an underwriter, placement agent or initial purchaser in primarily equity securities offerings undertaken by companies for which we provide research coverage. We also offer these companies assistance with block trades, authorized share repurchase programs and similar transactions.

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